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VoIP Total Solutions

VoIP Total Solutions

VoIP Bundle Solutions for Your Offices and Businesses

IP PBX is a hybrid system that uses both Analog PSTN and VoIP together.
If your office plans to switch over from using traditional telephone line to Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) services, you would need to have enough internet broadband bandwidth and the right equipment. Our VoIP Singapore representatives can help and advice you further in determining those information. Please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.

VoIP Total Solutions

VoIP Equipment

VoIP supports various IP Phones, phone adaptors and IP PBX
Buy IP-Phone Products
Buy IP-PBX Products
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Power Failure

Install a POE switch and power backup system so your VoIP can work during power failures.
Purchase POE Switch
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Typical Questions

in order to sunscribe to VoIP phone service, you can refer to the following questions for guidance.
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Internet & QoS

Determining bandwidth speed is the first step to decide if your VoIP traffic shares internet connection with regular internet usage.
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All in One VoIP Bundle

VoIP has a PBX Office Starter package SGD710 which consists of:

  • 1 unit of A420 IP-PBX (4 FXO, 100 Extensions, 20 concurrent calls)
  • 1 unit of VOPTech S4P
  • 2 units of VOPTech S2P
  • Price includes Installation setup fee (Klang Valley, JB & Penang Only) + 1 session Admin Training
  • Total Saving SGD85
  • Basic PBX Configuration (Inbound Ring all, Basic IVR, Extensions, VoIP trunk)

Item Description Price
8 Port PoE Switch 107
VOPTech S4P 89
HION FOR600 Headset 53
Maintenance 50% discount
Advance PBX Advance PBX setup (IVR, Time, Remote Ext, etc) 107

VoIP Phones and IP PBX Equipments

Before implementing VoIP in your office, you will need to make a decision on how each staff will be connected to AlienVoIP. There are various IP-phone, phone adapters and IP-PBX choices available in e-Market.

Power Failure

If your office encounter power failure quite often but you need to keep your office telephone system up at all times, then we recommend you to add a battery backup power to your VoIP installation with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), Power-over-Ethernet switch (POE Switch) and POE enabled IP-Phones.

Typical Questions Regarding New IP-PBX Setup

The questions below is for your reference. You may request your IT support team to help you.
If you need additional service that is not included in our VoIP Bundle, then try to contact us and our service representatives will be keen to help you.

  1. Do you have IT specialists in your company?
  2. Where is your office located?
  3. What is your internet subscription plan? (eg:Unifi 5Mbps)
  4. How many network devices is available in your office? Is it a heavy usage internal network?
  5. Are you currently using IDS/IPS/Firewall in your office?(If yes, please list down)
  6. How many phone extensions do you wish to have?

How Much Bandwidth do I need?

First of all, we would recommend you to subscribe to high-speed internet or fibre optic broadband service. High bandwidth allocation would highly unlikely to cause disruptions in your conversation. If the Internet speed comes with 1.0Mbps onwards, it would be suitable for VoIP. Nonetheless, it also depends on how many of your employee is using the phone concurrently. More users means higher internet bandwidth is needed.

For those who are familiar with VoIP phone service, AlienVoIP supports G.723, G.729, GSM and iLBC codecs.

Router & QoS

Your office requires a router device to connect your network equipment. High quality routers is needed to support the great number of phones you want to install in your office and ascertain the compatibility with VoIP equipment. Low quality routers will affect your call quality & VoIP installation.

Good network design is crucial to make sure there is a stable and reliable VoIP installation. You would need to determine which QoS is implemented in your office. Your IT support team would be able to help you on this.

  • No Qos – Voice traffic and regular internet traffic in your office share the same internet connection
  • Router enabled QoS – Voice traffic and regular internet traffic in your office share the same internet connection, but the router has capabilities to prioritize Voice traffic.
  • Separated Traffic – Voice traffic and regular internet traffic are separated onto 2 different internet connections and networks. It is more suitable for larger offices with 5 or more employees.

VoIP Singapore offers a wide range of VoIP Hardware and Packages. Do check out our Cheap VoIP Singapore Contact Us.

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