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VoIP Singapore SIP Trunk with Yeastar & MyPBX

It is just a several steps to do configuration for setting up SIP trunk to VoIP Singapore if you own a Yeastar/MyPBX IP-PBX. By referring to the steps below, your office which connected to Yeastar/MyPBX will enjoy lower rate of call to PSTN network.

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Before configuring your Yeastar/MyPBX IP-PBX server, please ensure that you are registered to VoIP Singapore and your account remains active with credits balance and a minimum of 1 SIP username.

for a comprehensive guide in order to create an account with VoIP Singapore.
Kindly refer to http://alienvoip.sg/register-use-voip-singapore-account/ for a comprehensive guide in order to create an account with VoIP Singapore.

The following guides assume that you own an existing Yeastar/MyPBX IP-PBX server and have completed the necessary steps above and also agreed to our terms and conditions.

Step 1

Login to Yeastar/MyPBX dashboard.

Step 2

Create an SIP trunk registered to VoIP Singapore.

VoIP Singapore with MyPBX Yeastar

  1. To set up an SIP trunk, click on “Trunks” on the side bar.
  2. Then, click “Add VoIP Trunks”, a popup message will display in order to collect the necessary information for the SIP trunk.
  3. Fill in the necessary information, kindly login to your member account for SIP username & password.
  4. Save.

Step 3

Create outbound routes with dial pattern that will route outgoing calls to VoIP Singapore SIP trunk that was created in step 2

1. Click on “Outbound Routes”.
2. Name your route and fill in your dial pattern, “X.” without the quotes will match any dial sequence.
3. Select member extensions that will be sent to this outbound route when making calls.
4. Select the trunk that this route will use for making calls.
5. Save.

After you have completed all necessary configurations above, your server is ready to make calls to VoIP Singapore.

Please contact us if you require any support to configure SIP trunk at your PBX.

VoIP Singapore SIP Trunk with Yeastar & MyPBX September 9, 2014

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