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VoIP Singapore IP PBX SIP Trunking

VoIP Singapore IP-PBX SIP trunking is a VoIP service for IP-PBX or any SIP compatible devices, which is an SIP Trunking service provider that provides an SIP username, password & Registrar IP.

You can actually use IP-PBX to make outbound VoIP calls through the insertion of appropriate parameters into the IP-PBX (any model that supports SIP).

An SIP Trunk is a logical link connecting between IP-PBX and VoIP Singapore servers which allows VoIP traffic to be exchanged. When you place a call from one internal phone to another external phone number, the IP-PBX will transmit the necessary information to the SIP Trunk provider which establishes the call to the dialed number. It acts as an intermediary for the call. All signals and voice traffic between IP-PBX and provider will be exchanged using SIP and RTP protocol packets over the IP network.

A few more benefits with AlienVoIP Singapore are:

  1. Call branch-to-branch is free.
  2. International Direct Dial at lowest rate.
voip singapore SIP trunking

You need:

  1. Find out if your IP-PABX can support SIP.
  2. Get an account from AlienVoIP.sg.
  3. Configure the account into IP-PABX system.
  4. Start enjoying our better rate and greater quality.
It is very easy to connect to our AlienVoIP Singapore server, you can use it as SIP trunk and then start to make phone calls. Below are the steps that you need to follow to get an AlienVoIP account.

  1. Click here to register an AlienVoIP account
  2. Acquire your AlienVoIP username, password, registrar, codec, & network setting
  3. Key in the information into your device. If your device are listed in our configuration, then you can follow our guides. Otherwise, you can provide us some details on the setting so that we will be able to share with our clients as well.
  4. The SIP configuration is very easy and it follows a standard protocol
  5. Once you have done registration, you can purchase the credit here anytime from us. With the credit owned, you can make calls to any mobile operators / land line phone numbers worldwide.

After you have done the configurations on all the parameters, you can start to enjoy the advantages of VoIP Singapore.

Advantages of Registering an Account with VoIP Singapore

Register with AlienVoIP Singapore and use it as a SIP trunk does not mean that you will have to make 100% calls online. You can actually switch between VoIP and conventional phone lines, or even use both simultaneously.

  1. Use VoIP and conventional phone line together.
  2. VoIP-to-VoIP calls is stable. AlienVoIP server is a secured server live online. The clients that connect to our server are registered and keep alive, which will help you to reach other branches easily. Otherwise, you may always encounter with lost connection.
  3. Save more money
  4. Enjoy the flexibility of expanding your business
  5. Low cost of maintenance
  6. Quick response, higher level of service from our professional VoIP support team.
  7. Good track record. Since 2007, we had been providing VoIP to industries, factories and SMEs, and always make sure our customer feel satisfied and stay productive.
  8. We act as direct developer who is providing solutions that suit your needs, our VoIP Singapore keep on updating and improving to provide the best customer experience.

Use VoIP Singapore Now!

You can use AlienVoIP Singapore via several methods.

  1. Use it with softphone. It’s no charge at all! You can find some of recommended softphone listed here.
  2. Use it with IP-Phone, you can find the available IP-Phone list here
  3. Use it with IP-Pbx, A401 IP-Pbx is recommended. But, any model that support SIP can be used as well.
  4. Use it with SoftSwitch such as Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix, and so on. You can find more about the configuration here.
  5. Use it with mobile phone, you can easily setup AlienVoIP service on your Android or IPhone. Guidelines are provided on the configuration menu above.
  6. Use it with ATA (telephone adaptor)

If you need any support in SIP trunking configuration at your PBX, feel free to contact our team.

VoIP Singapore IP PBX SIP Trunking September 9, 2014

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