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VoIP Roaming Solution

VoIP Call Forwarding, SMS2Call, Call Back

Call Forwarding

VoIP Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is usually used to call another alternative phone number when the VoIP number that suppose to receive the call is currently not available.

Please login to www.alienvoip.sg in order for you to configure Call Forwarding.
1. Expand “value add” and then click on Call Forwarding.

2. Next, select Extension, check the “enable call Forwarding” and then key in the phone number which will be forwarded to if the selected extension/voip account is unavailable.

Note : Kindly make sure to check the “enable call forwarding” and key in the phone number which match the expression (00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number).

3. After that, click on the “Submit” Button. Then, you can try to make call to the selected extension with another VoIP account and the phone number that entered will ring.



1. In order to use SMS2Call Function, try to expand “Value Added” and then click on the “SMS2Call” button.

2. Then, select the phone line or VoIP account and associate it with the “Register Mobile Number”.

3. Click “Submit”.

4. New Added Record will be inserted to the table which has been highlighted with 4 in the image above.

5. Next, use the register phone number to send sms “call ‘destination no’” to 6017-446 1633. and that Destination Number will receive the call. Be careful that the destination must be dialed with the following expression (00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number)

Call Back

VoIP Roaming Solution

VoIP call back service is an another way to make phone calls at lower cost if you travel, live or work outside of your country.

1. In order to use the Call Back Function, try to expand “Value Added” and the click on the “Call Back” link.

2. Select SIP Line, Source No and Destination No, the SIP Line can be inserted in the “add line” link which will be directed to the SMS2Call Page.

SIP Line he Phone Line number is associate with the Extension or VoIP Account
Source No The Phone No that make call
Destination No The Phone No that will receive call

3. Click on the “Submit” button, wait for few seconds and then the phone with the Source No will receive a call. Pick up the call and the call will be connected to the Destination No.

4. Instead of using call back function via website, you can dial to “0320507430″.
Key in the “destination No + #” and you can dial the destination number via voip. Please take note that you can only do this if and only if your phone number is associate with the VoIP Phone Line
Below is the Phone Number that associated with specific function

Following is the Phone No that associated with specific function

Function Associated Number
Call Back
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Call Through
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  • Singapore:

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VoIP Roaming Solution September 18, 2014

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