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VoIP Features

VoIP Singapore Enterprise Enterprise VoIP
There are many good reasons to switch over to VoIP:

  • Great cost saving long distance calls
  • Eliminating telecom charges on branch to branch call
  • Flexible & secure calls
  • Easy integration with your existing network
  • Extensive enhanced voice VoIP features and applications
VoIP Singapore SIP Protocol SIP Protocol
A signaling protocol whereby you can create a session for 2-way telephone call, multi-media conference session and website content with voice or click-to-dial service. All done within an IP based environment.
VoIP Singapore SIP Trunking SIP trunking
AlienVoIP’s IP PBX emulates analogue PBX in terms of VoIP features for services and configured call lines. AlienVoIP service is only limited within the IP PBX system and will not extend to your personal network as well as internet configurations.
VoIP Singapore Call Forward Call Forward
Call Forwarding is enabled in AlienVoIP and you can forward the call to any destination worldwide. Click HERE for a guide on how to forward your call to a phone number.
VoIP Singapore DID Number DID Number
For a call centre setup, you need to choose a local number and one in another city. We offer Malaysia local numbers. Local numbers for other countries are subject to availability.
VoIP Singapore Mobile Platforms iPhone, Android & Windows Phone Mobile Apps
Make long distance business calls from your mobile using free apps devloped by AlienVoIP team. Click HERE to download our app!
VoIP Singapore Caller ID Caller ID
You are able to set a business caller ID (outbound) so that calls received by your customers will display your business number.
VoIP Singapore Caller ID Block Caller ID Block
Conceal your caller ID when making a call to all of your customers.
VoIP Singapore Softphone Softphone
Make and receive calls directly from your PC through this free app. Click HERE for more info.
VoIP Singapore Directory Listing Directory Listing
In AlienVoIP user portal, you can store a list of people’s names with their SIP account.
VoIP Singapore Existing Number Keep Your Existing Numbers
Keep your customer phone database from previous VoIP service provider to avoid losing your your customer.
VoIP Singapore MultiLine Hunt Multi-Line Hunt Groups
Using AlienVoIP’s system, you can control calls to ring on multiple phones simultaneously and/or in a specific order.
VoIP Singapore Telecommunication Exclusive Office Telecommunication Automation
AlienVoIP provide one-stop telecommunication solution to all our client

VoIP Singapore International Phone International Telephone
Get an international virtual number to redirect international calls to your local business number. Call rates may vary by country. You may contact AlienVoIP HERE for more details. This will lower the call cost for your customers too.
VoIP Singapore Non-Local Number Optional Non-Local Number
AlienVoIP also provides local numbers for other countries. However, it is subject to availability. Obtaining a local phone number of your target area (country) allows 2 way connection between you and your customers.
VoIP Singapore Lowest Cost Lowest Telecommunication Cost for Office
Save up to 50% on your business phone service. Click HERE to check the rates and HERE for the VoiP service comparison table.
VoIP Singapore Direct International Dialing Direct International Dialing
Access codes are not required when you are making international calls with AlienVoIP. However, International Call Rates applies.
VoIP Singapore Clear Voice Clear Voice
AlienVoIP provides top quality VoIP service for all clients. You can try out and check our call quality.
VoIP Singapore Account Management Online Account Management
Advance web-based user portal where you can check call logs, manage contacts and change all your phone’s settings with just a click. Register for an AlienVoIP account HERE for free!
VoIP Singapore Online Payment Online Payment, Reload, Billing
You can make online payments via online banking transfers, Paypal, credit cards and more. Click HERE to find out more. If you are not sure how to reload your credit, click HERE.
VoIP Singapore Network Free in-network/ branch to branch call for postpaid
Talk for free with friends and family who use AlienVoIP Postpaid plan. Any calls placed to an AlienVoIP phone number will not be charged and will not count against your monthly minutes.
VoIP Singapore Web Based Call Web Based Call Logs
See all outgoing call destinations along with call length from the our web based user portal.
VoIP Singapore Call Block Block Specific Locations
One of the VoIP features allows you to block international calls (to any country) from your VoIP account.

VoIP Singapore offers a wide range of VoIP Hardware and Packages. Do check out our Cheap VoIP Singapore Call Rates for your desired countries. If you have further inquiry about VoIP Singapore, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

VoIP Features September 17, 2014

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