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Preliminary VoIP Checklist

If you have made decision to go for VoIP system, then you can go through the VoIP Checklist below in order to assist you in understanding the VoIP’s requirements. Please note that VoIP Checklist is only for your reference.

Networking Environment

Item Descriptions
Have internet Internet for IP-PBX is solely used for outgoing calls. If there is no need to use VoIP to call out, you can continue to install IP PBX for your internal usage.
Broadband If you do not consider calling out, then you can ignore it. However, it’ recommended to have 1 Mbits upload and 512 Kbits download (normal Streamyx speed), as it is suitable for 4 concurrent calls. The higher the speed the better it is. Based on our past 7 years experience, 20 Mbits can support up to 100 calls or greater.
LAN environment VoIP over LAN is achievable as the LAN (local area network) needs to be installed in your office for internet network purposes. Basically every desk will have one LAN port. The LAN port can also be used for VoIP purposes. In traditional way, a phone will have to connect to RJ11 jack. However, we will only need LAN cables, and with only 1 port, you can separate to multiple ports with Switch or IP-Phones itself.
WiFi environment VoIP over WiFi is achievable by configuration, there is nothing to do with the VoIP system. As long as you have an IP-PBX, WiFi, and correct VoIP client, then you will be able to have VoIP over WiFi.

Phone Lines

Item Descriptions
RJ 11/ phone lines cable Phone line cable is not required for IP PBX environment.
Incoming calls IP-PBX has the capabilities to receive incoming calls from conventional phone lines and route it to the extensions. It depends on your needs, you can choose to have incoming calls from a various sources below.

  1. From conventional phone lines
  2. From PRI lines
  3. From DID number
  4. From GSM SIM card
  5. No incoming lines at all
Caller ID With IP-PBX and AlienVoIP account, you can display your caller ID, usually it is the phone numbers which you want your client to call back.


Item Descriptions
Notebook If you choose to use notebook to make calls, your cost is basically zero. You can download the softphone from the menu above, install and make calls. You can also receive call through softphone.
IP-Phones IP-Phones provide the highest voice quality. It depends on your needs, and you decide how many IP-Phones you need to install. Each IP phone comes with 2 network ports, so it will not occupy your current network port.
Mobile Phone You can use your mobile phone to connect to the PBX while you are in the office. Unless it has a real IP, if not the mobile phone will not be able to register to the PBX outside your office. By using this configuration, you can use your mobile phone as an extension in your office.
ATA ATA (phone adaptor) provides a bridge for conventional phones to connect to the VoIP network. With ATA, you can connect to the IP-PBX using conventional phone.


Item Descriptions
IP-PBX We recommend A420 IP PBX, which provides various features including IVR(interactive voice response), call recordings, call details, call forward, passing and so on.
Other brand IP-PBX With any standard SIP PBX, you will be able to connect to AlienVoip network.

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If you have any inquiries after going through the VoIP Checklist, please fell free to contact us.

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Preliminary VoIP Checklist September 5, 2014

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