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LAN Configuration with A420

f you are doing LAN configuration for VoIP A401 IP-PBX in order to use with a remote SIP server or PBX which is located out of your company’s network (example: connecting from your home office to VoIP system), you will need to follow the LAN’s configuration steps:

Step 1

VoIP LAN Configuration A401 Tutorial
Click for larger image.

Go to select System > Network & Country, the form above will be shown.

Step 2

Under the LAN Port Setup, go to change the IP address as well as subnet mask.

Step 3

Click on the “save” button

Step 4

Users are allowed to make changes on the WAN settings as well.

Step 5

VoIP LAN Configuration A401 Tutorial
Click for larger image.

You may also do configuration to the another advance network setting under System > network Advanced.

Step 6

After that, change the Interface List to “LAN”.

Step 7

Then, edit the information inside (e.g. start IP/ end ip / etc.).

Step 8

Click on the “save” button. Then, the LAN Configuration will display it has completed.

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LAN Configuration with A420 September 10, 2014

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