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IP PBX Installation and Packages

New Office

No matter how big or small your business is, the telecommunication plays a very important role. You need to consider the best option for achieving future expansion and highest level of productivity when you are planning to have a new office. With the existence of VoIP, we will be able to achieve it much easier. Unlike in the past, we have to pull all network cables, phone lines, extra ports, and renovations in order to scale our office.

Therefore, with the IP PBX installation packages for new office, you can easily do the setup for your telecommunication system at minimal cost.

IP PBX Installation Guides For Your New Office and Its Costs

  1. 1. Preliminaries checking – It is based on your requirements, we can go through a check list
  2. Contact us to obtain your IP PBX installation quotation. In this case, we assume you need 5 extension lines, and one IP-PBX. Thus, it is recommended to take the standard IP PBX installation package from VoIP as mentioned above.
  3. We can assist you to configure the VoIP system within one day and perform the installations at your office. FREE IP-PBX installation for KL, Selangor & Penang.
  4. Now, you have all your phone systems ready within 1 day.
  5. To check on all of your call history reports, you just need to login to the system and download it. A web based console is provided. In order to add new phone, you can set up yourself as well.
  6. For some reason, if you don’t like AlienVoIP, you can just change VoIP service provider from the web console. You are not binding any contracts with us.
  7. Contact Us for more details!

Expanding Office

For office expansion, there are few options below.

  1. Get an IP-Phone from us
  2. You can configure extensions yourself
  3. We login remotely and configure for you
  4. Physically, you will need to have a LAN port to connect your IP-Phone and make the whole setup work.
  5. If you want to setup your IP-Phones, you can read the guidelines here. If you would like to setup your Laptop or Mobile phone as new extensions, you can also do it here.
  6. Do contact us to get the AlienVoIP account now.

Replace Your Current PBX

There are many reasons for replacing your current PBX. One of the main reason is that the PBX is not expandable anymore. Besides that, the PBX’s card could be outdated or the PBX device was broken down. You can consider to:

  1. Get an IP-PBX from us, A420 is recommended. It can support up to 100 extensions.
  2. Get an IP-PBX from anyone, and use VoIP service as SIP Trunk

However, changing to VoIP environment requires you to change all of your conventional phones to IP-Phones. But if you need to use the conventional phones, you will need to install cards into the IP-PBX to support your conventional phones.

AirtimeAlienTalk 30AlienTalk 100AlienTalk 300AlienTalk 500AlienTalk 1000
Free CreditNilRM 2RM 6RM 15RM 30
Additional Call Minutes
Malaysia Mobile/ minuteRM 0.10RM 0.10RM 0.09 RM 0.09 RM 0.08
Malaysia Fix Line/ minuteRM 0.10RM 0.10 RM 0.09 RM 0.09 RM 0.08
Wordwide RateFollow Rates TableFollow Rates TableFollow Rates TableFollow Rates TableFollow Rates Table
Credit Expired180 days180 days180 days180 days180 days
DID NumberOptional Optional Optional Optional Optional
RM 25 per numberRM 25 per numberRM 25 per numberRM 25 per numberRM 25 per number
(min 6 months subscription)(min 6 months subscription)(min 6 months subscription)(min 6 months subscription)(min 6 months subscription)
Installation ChargesMin RM 100Min RM 100Min RM 100Min RM 100Min RM 100
Cabling & PABX ConfigurationExcludedExcludedExcludedExcludedExcluded

VoIP Singapore offers a wide range of VoIP Hardware and Services. Do check out our Cheap VoIP Singapore Call Rates for your desired countries. If you have further inquiry about VoIP Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IP PBX Installation and Packages September 5, 2014

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