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IP-PBX Installation & Maintenance

We are providing high quality discounted call and VoIP service. Both discounted call and VoIP service are needed to be installed at PABX/PBX or IP-PABX/PBX most of the time. By installing the discounted call and VoIP service at PABX or IP-PABX, a few phone lines or ATA (analog telephone adapter) can be shared by the whole company. The concept is similar to phone line from telcos. A company can subscribe to 4 phone lines (hunting lines) from telcos and share the resource for the whole office.

There are many types of PABX or key-phone system or IP-PABX available in the market. In Malaysia, a company typically contracted PABX vendor to do installation and maintenance on the PABX device. PABX is not a complicated hardware. It is a very old technology, and some of the PABX systems with 20 years old is still in good working condition.

Trouble with PABX

But the problem arises when it comes to company expansion. It can be adding a few seats inside the same office, but the company noticed that the expansion slot for extensions is somehow not available, so the only way is to contact the vendor. There are two scenarios which may occur, either the vendor or expansion card is no longer available. In order to solve this problem, the company can either choose to replace the PABX or to find the expansion card in secondary market, which may be difficult to find.


With IP-PABX, you can add unlimited number of phones or extensions in practical manner, but the IP-PABX vendor may restrict its feature inside the IP-PABX in which it limits the number of extensions per seat. Anyway, theoretically you can use any IP-Phone to connect to your IP-PABX. With IP-PABX, you are actually eliminating the used old phone jack, and you just use RJ45 Internet cable. The system is cheaper, but IP-Phone is more costlier than ordinary analog phone. For instance, a conventional phone may cost you around SGD25, but an IP-Phone may cost you SGD75 per piece, or more.

Web ASP sdn bhd (wholly subsidiary of MobiWeb sdn bhd) is one of ASP license holders. ASP license is required under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for the provision of the VoIP service. Web ASP sdn bhd has been awarded ASP license since 2008. The discounted call and VoIP service history can be traced up to year 2007, the service has grown rapidly due to the high quality and affordable price.

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