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AlienEasy Linksys Prepaid Plan Package

AlienEasy Linksys Prepaid Plan Package

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Now Selling: SGD71

AlienEasy package includes:

  • 1 unit Linksys Internet Phone Adapter
  • SGD36 (Validity 12 months)
  • Free first time installation and configuration (for Klang Valley only)
  • Subsequent support charge accordingly
  • Call rate SGD0.03 to Fix Line, SGD0.06 to Mobile
  • Terms and Conditions apply

Solution 1

linksys diagram 2 tb

Solution 2
linksys diagram tb

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You can always use any VoIP devices and connect to VoIP with appropriate account.

  1. Register VoIP account here
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  3. Configure the system accordingly
  4. Start to make calls

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Recommended IP-Phones

Yealink SIP T21P IP Phone
  • 132×64-pixel graphical LCD
  • POE, Headset, Intercom support
  • HD Voice

Front Panel


Power Green Lights up when Phone Adapter is powered on and connected to the internet
Flashes When Phone Adapter is not connected to the internet or when the Phone Adapter is booting up or upgrading its firmware
Internet Green When there is an active connection through the port
Flashes When there is traffic moving through the port
Phone 1/2 Green When a telephone/fax machine has an active or registered connection to your Internet Phone Service Provider through the corresponding port
Flashes When phone is being used or is off the hook

Back Panel


Phone 1 Port (Primary Internet Phone line): to connect your telephone to the Phone adapter using an RJ-11 telephone cable
Phone 2 Port (Second Internet Phone Service Account): to connect a second telephone/fax machine to the Phone Adapter using RJ-11 telephone cable
Internet Port To connect the Phone Adapter to your router/gateway using a Category 5 (or better) Ethernet network cable
Power Port To connect power adapter
Before connecting the Phone Adapter, make sure you have set up an account with your Internet Phone Service Provider. If you already have an account set up, please proceed to step 1.

Connecting AlienEasy Linksys Phone Adapter

AlienEasy Linksys Internet Phone Adapter allows high-quality feature-rich VoIP service via your broadband Internet connection. Each of the Phone Adapter’s two telephone jacks operate independently, with separate Internet phone services and phone numbers. Therefore, you can have up to two Internet phone lines delivered through your cable or DSL Internet Connection.

Your high-speed Internet Connection must be active when you make internet phone/fax calls.

By using AlienEasy Linksys, your phones/fax machines can share your high-speed Internet connection. You are also able to make phone calls while surfing the Internet (Internet Phone Service required).

Step 1

Plug the Phone Adapter into your network router/gateway, then connect your telephone to the Phone 1 port of the Phone Adapter with a telephone cable.

*The Phone Adapter includes a ringer (ring signal generator), which is a source of hazardous voltage. Do not touch the Phone port wires, the wires of a cable connected to either of the phone ports or the internal circuitry when the ringer is activated.

Step 2

If you have a second internet phone service account, connect another telephone or a fax machine to the Phone 2 port of the Phone Adapter.

*Do not connect either of the Phone ports to a telephone wall jack. Only connect a telephone or fax machine to either of the Phone ports. Otherwise, the Phone Adapter or the telephone wiring in your home or office may be damaged.

Step 3

Connect the included Ethernet network cable to the Internet port of the Phone Adapter. Connect the other end to one of the Ethernet ports on your router/gateway.

Step 4

Connect the included power adapter to the POWER port on the back panel of the Phone Adapter. Connect the other end to a standard electrical outlet.

Step 5

The Status and Act LEDs will be solidly lit when the Phone Adapter is ready for use.

Step 6

Follow the instructions provided by your Internet Phone service provider. The installation is then completed.

Using The Interactive Voice Response Menu

You may need to manually configure the Phone adapter by entering the settings provided by your Internet phone service provider.

You may use the phone’s keypad to enter your commands and select choices, and the Phone Adapter will respond with voice responses.

Accessing The Interactive Voice Response Menu

Step 1: Use a telephone connected to the Phone 1 or Phone 2 port of the Phone Adapter

Step 2: Press the *(star) key four times

Step 3: Wait until you hear “Configuration menu. Please enter option followed by the #(pound) key or hang up to exist”

Step 4: Refer to the table for list of actions, commands, menu choices and descriptions. After you select an option, press the # (pound) key. Hang up the telephone to exit the menu.

Configuring The Settings for Your Internet Phone Service

Visit your internet phone service provider’s website to make configuration changes online.

Interactive Voice Response Menu: IP Address

When entering values, for example, an IP address, you may exit without saving your changes by pressing the *(star) key twice within half a second. Otherwise, the *(star) key will be treated as a decimal point or dot.

After entering a value, such as an IP address, press the:

  • #(pound) key: indicate you have finished your selection
  • ‘1’ key: save the new setting
  • ‘2’ key: review the new setting
  • ‘3’ key: re-enter the new setting
  • *(star) key: cancel your entry and return to main menu

An Example:
The IP Address will be entered as 191*168*1*105.

  • Press the #(pound) key when finished
  • Press the ‘1’ key to save the IP Address.
  • Press *(star) key to cancel and return to man menu.
The Phone Adapter will automatically exit the Interactive Voice Response Menu if it is inactive for more than 1 minute.
Press the *(star) key FOUR times to re-enter.

The settings you have saved will take effect when you hang up the telephone. The Phone Adapter may reboot at this time.

Entering a Password

To enable the Web-based Utility or reset the Phone Adapter to its factory default settings, use the phone’s keypad to enter a password.

For example: to enter the password phone@321 by keypad, press: 746630321, where 0 is to enter all other characters. Press the #(pound) key when you are done. Press the *(star) key to cancel your entry and return to the main menu.

AlienEasy Linksys Prepaid Plan Package January 22, 2015

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