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VoIP Installation for Offices / Factories

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VoIP Installation for Mobile

VoIP Installation for Mobile

IP PBX Installation

voip ip pbx installation

VoIP Call Centre Installation

voip call center installation

VoIP Hardwares

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VoIP Singapore

VoIP Singapore offers VoIP services to major Asia countries. We are serving our clients not only in Singapore but also across the Southeast Asia regions such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Australia. If you own a business in Malaysia, please click here to be directed to AlienVoIP Malaysia. You can get the benefits of saving phone billing cost and enjoying the flexibility of using the discounted call VoIP service by just implementing VoIP Singapore Phone Service in your company. We use only premium routes so that it will not compromise the voice quality and achieve the best SIP Call experience for our clients. With VoIP, the hardwares such as IP PBX, IP Phones, call center headsets and etc will be provided. We believe that our one stop VoIP solution will be able to assist our clients to perform better in their business.

VoIP Singapore uses SIP protocol in order to initiate VoIP calls. You are able to utilize AlienVoIP SIP account if you have any SIP compatible devices. Basically, VoIP Singapore Phone Service supports many VoIP clients. After setting up the required parameters into the device, your calls will be handled by AlienVoIP. One AlienVoIP account can host multiple SIP numbers, that means you can have account sharing with your colleagues or employees.

AlienVoIP.sg has been providing the VoIP Singapore Phone Service to corporates since 2007, our clients are ranging from small company with 3 people to multi-national corporation with thousand of employees.

Why choose VoIP?

  • Low maintenance cost
  • High flexibility
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable and high sound quality
  • IP PBX installation and maintenance
  • High speed Voice over IP service for your business
  • Helps business to make phone calls via Internet, thus enjoy the vast benefits VoIP could offer
  • Best voice quality available with VoIP, plus the saving you can recover comparing to your current Telecommunications provider

Advantages with VoIP Singapore

Benefit of registering an account with VoIP Singapore

Make registration with VoIP Singapore and use it as a SIP trunk does not mean that you need to make 100% calls online. You can switch your usage between VoIP and conventional phone lines, or even use both simultaneously.

  1. Use both VoIP Singapore and conventional phone line together.
  2. VoIP-to-VoIP calls is stable. VoIP server is a secure server live online. The clients who connect to our server is registered and keep alive, which will help to reach your other branches easily. If not, you may always encounter lost of connections if you do not subscribe to any server based VoIPs.
  3. Save a lot of money.
  4. Enjoy the flexibility of expanding your business.
  5. Low cost of maintenance.
  6. Quick response, valuable service from our professional VoIP support team.
  7. Great track record as we have been offering VoIP service since year 2007 to industries, factories and small & medium enterprises (SMEs), and also try our best to make our customer happy and productive.
  8. We are the direct VoIP wholesale and developer offering voip solutions. Our VoIP service is constantly updating and improving to provide our client the best experience.

Available VoIP Services

Once you have registered a VoIP account, you can use your VoIP account for the following services:

Member Portal Features

Access to your member page here. You are in control of your own account with the functions below. Multiple reports are available, and you can demand for any reports from our developer.

  • Web based call log
  • Internal call block
  • Online account management
  • Online payment,reload,billing
  • Add phone lines, or add IP-Phones
  • Control many phone lines with one account
  • Call detail records downloadable

VoIP Call Centre Solution

Reliable and high sound quality

Additional Information

Please click HERE to learn more. Contact us to get a quote and start saving!


How to use VoIP Singapore as your VoIP Service Provider?

With softphone

Basically no charge at all, some of the recommended softphone are listed here.

With IP-Phone

You can find a list of available IP-Phones here.


We recommend A420 IP-PBX. However, any model that supports SIP should be able to use our VoIP services.

With SoftSwitch

Such as Asterisk, Free PBX, Elastix, etc. You can find the configuration here.

With mobile phone

You can setup VoIP service in your Android or IPhone easily. Configuration guides are provided here.

With ATA

Find available telephone adaptor(s) here

Best Singapore VoIP Service Provider

Singapore government and broadband internet service provider has put their efforts in upgrading the quality of broadband in Singapore these few years. As a result, the backbone is at the best performance currently, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) just works! Nowadays, VoIP Singapore is quite popular among other companies in Singapore. Any new company buying PBX or IP-PBX should not hesitate to call us to explore more about how VoIP services can help corporate to minimise cost and achieve higher level of productivity.

Kindly contact us now and request a quotation from us today!

VoIP Features

voip icon 1
Local & Long Distance Dialing
voip icon 2
Web Based Call Logs
voip icon 3
Free In-Network Calling for Postpaid
voip icon 4
International Call Block
voip icon 5
Online Account Management
voip icon 6
Lowest Rate VoIP
voip icon 7
Work with Any SIP Softphone
voip icon 8
Work with Any SIP Hardware
voip icon 9
Caller ID
voip icon 10
Call Forward
voip icon 11
DID Number
voip icon 12
Online Member Console
voip icon 13
Online Payment, Reload, Billing
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